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Charger manufacturers reveal wireless charging and wired charging which is better

2022-10-15 00:00:00

Charger manufacturers reveal wireless charging and wired charging which is better

1. The difference between wireless charging and wired charging

Wireless charging and wired charging are two different ways of charging it. There are many differences between them, including:

1. Charging method

The wireless charger first loads the phone into a charging case, then places the case on the sensing dock, which is then connected to a power plug, which is then plugged in.

Cable charging

Insert the charging cable into the phone's charging port.

Charger manufacturer

2. Connect peripherals

The mobile phone is connected to the peripheral device in wireless charging mode. One is to take out the mobile phone loaded into the charging case, the other is to connect the MiniUSB, and finally the MiniUSB is connected to the peripheral device. The phone is charged on a power converter

Just take the USB out of the converter and then connect the peripheral to finish. The phone can't connect to peripherals in wired charging mode.

3. Convenience

Calls come in while the phone is charging but are not convenient to answer in certain situations. This is where wireless chargers come in handy. Simply pick up the charging case and move it anywhere

Where it is convenient for users to receive calls. If it is a wired charger, you need to unplug the data cable, connect the charging need to plug in the data cable again, at this time the wireless charger only need to place the phone

It can be charged in the sensor.

4. Charging efficiency

For the same amount of charging time, the usual wired battery charger was 93% charged, while the wireless charger was 88% charged. Clearly, wireless chargers still have their way with charging efficiency

In the gap, there is still room for further improvement in technology.

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