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What is an EV battery charger?

2022-10-22 00:00:00

The electric vehicle battery charger is a charging device specially configured for the electric bicycle battery.

Electric bicycle chargers generally use switching power charger, which can be divided into two stages of charging mode and three stages of charging mode.

The two-stage charging mode is constant voltage charging, which divides the charging process into two stages: constant current and constant voltage, and the charging current gradually decreases with the rise of the battery voltage. When the battery power rises to a certain degree, then convert to constant voltage charging, so that the voltage in the battery rises slowly; When the battery voltage to charger charge termination voltage (different way of charging, the voltage is different, many sections of the charging way of general termination voltage of 41.4 V, constant pressure charging ways is generally 43.8 ~ 44.4 V), and then converted to a trickle charging, namely floating, it can effectively protect the storage battery, prolong the service life of the battery. Three-stage charging is common for electric vehicles.

Common test structures for electric vehicle chargers

Ac power supply - > Charger - > DC electronic load

Battery charger

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