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Can the battery charging battery be universal?

2021-11-20 16:21:23

Can the battery charging battery be universal?

Many people will ask such a question: is the battery charging battery universal? Battery charging cell is also called external power supply. It is also a voltage conversion device. The battery charging battery produced by a regular manufacturer will have a nameplate with its main information, such as power supply, input and output, current and other data. At this time, pay special attention to its input voltage range. Please don't underestimate this nameplate. It can be said to be the product manual.

It is acceptable to use electronic equipment within the specified voltage range. If some electronic products are not purchased through formal channels, such as computers, if they are parallel products, they may not have compatible voltage design, and they are only suitable for local use, because the voltage in some countries is 110V. In China, if 220V voltage is inserted, the computer motherboard will be burned out, so the power adapter is very important.

Battery charging cell

It should be noted here that generally, battery charging batteries of different specifications cannot be used. We need to pay attention to this. Don't think it's OK to use it once or twice for the time being. Eliminating it is a good way. Check the voltage between two uses. The voltage must be consistent, otherwise the appliance will burn out or fail to work. In addition, the "output current" of the selected power adapter must be greater than the working current of the appliance, otherwise the power adapter will be burned due to "overcurrent". Sometimes we will find that our electronic products used to be good, but we suddenly can't start for some reason. At this time, you should consider whether to replace the power adapter yourself. If the interface between the power adapter and the electronic product is inconsistent, do not replace the interface and reuse it. When using the power adapter, the negative polarity should be consistent, otherwise accidents will occur.

Then someone will ask what kind of power adapter is universal? When the voltage is appropriate and the current is not less than the original power supply, the power adapter can be replaced. This includes two important messages. The voltage is appropriate, that is, the voltage of the power adapter is only higher than that of the electronic device. However, if we use it ourselves, such as the power adapter on our mobile phone or computer, we choose to use the original one, which will be better. If we need to replace, we also need to select the appropriate one with the recommendation of professionals.

For more information about the power adapter, you can leave a message to Xiaobian to answer your doubts!

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