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How does the selection of power adaptor look good or bad


Life cannot leave the power adapter, cell phone also inseparable from the power supply, but for a variety of power adapter on the market, want to choose good quality guaranteed power we must learn to recognize and judge the quality of power supply Otherwise it's easy to buy fake goods of low quality or fake power adapter, this directly linked to our life safety, don't feel scare, news frequently reported side a lot of cases, and the facts of the front, so, we must learn to choose from the appearance to distinguish the stand or fall of power adapter, lephone power adapter manufacturer below small make up to introduce to you




Distinguish between good and bad


Why do shanzhai goods often have accidents? Shanzhai phone charger cost is low, the quality is no guarantee that material appearance, for example, the appearance of the authentic chargers plastic using the native plastic, high hardness, and fake goods to use recycled plastic, material price is only about half that of the former, and resistance is much less than the former In addition, fake goods also has the problem of serious cut corners


The material of the exterior work shell is very important


Mobile charger appearance of choose and buy must better, not have burrs, insert must be smooth, convenient metal contact to thick homogeneous elastic, the charger plug have difficulty will be very easy to damage Then there is the shell to resist flame retardant, not rigid flame retardant plastic, the charger will be hot baked soft and even fire




Cell phone charger shell must be resistant to flame retardancy


And there are a lot of shanzhai mobile phone charger, although the appearance and quality goods looks about the same, but the internal structure is different Due to churn out fake charger often occur between the conductive parts breakdown of the insulation is current problems, to produce fire accident getting an electric shock Not only that, but bad cell phone charger after the completion of the automatic power, not only damage the battery life, still exist explosion hazard


Smooth insertion is a good charger


When the choose and buy mobile phone charger, regular product especially big brand, surface without burr, seam evenly With the hand hold a certain weight, normal grip charger fingers with a certain distance between bolt, hard extrusion deformation




In general, the heavier charger, the charger the more use of electronic components, to a certain extent, indicates that the charger quality, the better, of course this is not absolute, is a common situation When the choose and buy, it is better to take a few more different brand different models of charger, weigh in hand, by contrast, advantages and disadvantages are easy to compare


We learn, the power adapter of choose and buy must pay attention to the appearance of quality materials, quality and other aspects to consider, rather than just judging from the price of its quality, sometimes the price is not necessarily the power supply with good quality