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Power adapter heat cannot be ignored


Life is inseparable from the power adapter, whether it is mobile phones, computers, flat, digital, etc. are basically used every day, and power adapter hot hair is our most common phenomenon, usually do not pay much attention to these, but , Life because of a small power adapter fever hot finally caused the fire reported repeatedly, then the small power adapter heat causes why the fire? The following Lefeng Electronics according to years of industry experience, summed up a few points to tell Everybody, see below.

The power adapter is hot when charging is normal, but overheating is not normal

For the power adapter heating problem, Xiao Bian in the "power supply adapter to solve the five methods," also mentioned in the article, the power adapter overheating, we have to properly heat it.

Power adapter to charge when the charger is a little hot is normal, but overheating, then, like the skin feels very hot, then it is not normal. Many domestic no-name power adapter workmanship is not fine, in the course of the use of excessive fever will be the phenomenon. It is best to buy a better quality evaluation of the power adapter, or the charging process will be exploded and other dangerous, the owner is worth the candle.


Cottage power adapter heat caused by spontaneous combustion

Power adapter is a small transformer, in the process of pressure will have some energy loss, this part of the energy into heat, so the power adapter temperature will rise, 30 to 40 ℃ is the normal temperature. In order to avoid buying to the cottage power supply, before we can buy online to understand the "identification of notebook power adapter true and false" "power adapter optional" and other related purchase knowledge.

The power adapter works for a few minutes after feeling the heat and then decides not to use it

As long as the power adapter in the course of the work produced by the temperature below 30 ℃, that is, by hand touch slightly hot is not hot, can be regarded as meet the standard. So in the purchase should choose several different seat power adapter, so that they are working for a few minutes, and then feel the heat, you should choose a relatively low temperature products.


Small power adapter overheating, caused a serious threat to life, these issues should focus on advocacy and call on everyone to attach great importance.