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What is fast charging technology? How to achieve fast charging?


Smartphone era, we have seen the processor upgrade from single-core, dual-core to quad-core, eight-core, and now it will not be out of ten nuclear; mobile camera pixels from one hundred thousand, million to tens of millions of leaps The size of the screen is the same, 4 inches, 5 inches now 6 inches above is also a lot of scratches. But the only regret is that the technological innovation in mobile phone batteries is still slow, the battery life is not enough to meet the daily use of users, is still the biggest pain of the manufacturer. For this short board, after the common practice of handset manufacturers is equipped with high-capacity battery under the premise of cell phone thickness, weight balance, but this is very limited after all. However, with the birth of another fast-charging technology that has taken the path of the past two years, it seems that the whole industry has seen hope. After some exploration, many mobile quick-charge solutions emerge as the times require.

So, how is the phone doing fast charging? How is it achieved, is it safe? What kinds are there? What will be the future development of technological innovation? Today we come to answer these questions one by one.

How to achieve fast charging?

Let's take a look at the physical formula that determines the charging efficiency: energy W (can be seen as the battery capacity) = power P × time T; power P = voltage U × current I, so we can see that in the case of a certain battery capacity , The size of the power determines the speed of charging time; the greater the power, the shorter the charging time. Then according to the formula power P = voltage U × current I, can be easily drawn, in order to enhance the charging speed and reduce the charging time, you can achieve through the following three ways:

1, in the case of the same voltage to enhance the current;

2, in the case of constant current to enhance the voltage;

3, voltage, current can also be achieved at the same time to achieve rapid charging.

For the power and current, voltage relationship, we can make a simple analogy, which is like giving you a bathtub water, to increase the voltage, current is like raising the amount of water per unit time and water flow rate. When one of these parameters or both parameters are raised, the water-filling efficiency is naturally increased and the bath filled quickly. Fill up the water (fully charged) speed will be significantly improved. At present, many manufacturers fast charge solutions are to rely on voltage increase (or at the same time improve the output voltage and current) to achieve.

Main fast charge Technical classification:

1, domestic OPPO mobile phone is using low-voltage fast charge (high current);
2, chip providers Qualcomm Quick Charge, MediaTek Pump Express uses a high-voltage fast charge program;

3, there is a PD charging norms, the use of voltage and current programs are improved, but also belong to the high-voltage fast charge, its maximum current is limited to 5A.