MEILE Group Ltd


◆ 2002 Meile Group Ltd. investment in the construction of Shenzhen City, the United States and Lok Fu Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in switching power supply, LED, solar energy product applications research and development, production and sales.

◆ March 2010, due to the development needs of the Group, Dongguan City, Lefeng Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was established and large-scale production.

◆ through the group colleagues work together, the common struggle, MLF (Merlot) has achieved a daily production capacity of 100K, annual sales of more than 300 million yuan.

◆ Group was first established in the product quality adhering to the "high standards, fine, zero defect" concept, to create products in line with customer requirements for the purpose. The company has implemented a comprehensive quality control system (TQM) to ensure that product quality is effectively monitored in each process and that it meets the requirements of quality standards. The company has a complete set of quality assurance system, and in strict accordance with the ISO9001 procedures and ERP, PDM, CRM system management mode of operation. Quality Department of a total of electronic professional qualifications senior QE engineers 3, senior electrical performance test engineers 2, all inspectors are electronic graduate and quality system training and obtain a certificate of competency.

◆ The full implementation of Six Sigma management within the company, through the project to continuously improve product quality and reduce costs, process control, QE fully involved in the inspection station to improve the accuracy of process control. QE establish and lead the product line (QCC) by the production cadres, PE, IE, ME project to participate in daily, weekly, monthly internal and external quality information collection, summary analysis, and to develop improvement measures to continuously improve the company Product quality, improve the process accuracy.

◆ The company has a professional engineer composed of R & D team, which has more than 15 years of experience in senior engineer led by the establishment of a professional laboratory, equipped with the most advanced international testing equipment and equipment. All the development of design products All products through the safety test, with CCC, UL, ETL, CSA, FCC, CEC, ERP, EK, CE, TUV-GS, PSE, SAA, BSI certification, the best-selling products around the world and well- CSST, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, TTI, LG, AIRTEL, TATA and other cooperation.

Has been devoted to the field of energy research, together with excellent suppliers and excellent customers to share the creation of clean, efficient and sustainable new energy, rich and change the joy of people's lives.